TICKLE 3 - Conor Won't Pay Rent So His Two Roommates Tickle Him

LA Models presents Katie, Maria

Conor wakes up tied to his bed in his room. Katie and Maria tied him up while he was taking a nap. Maria tells him he doesnt get to sleep for free, he has to pay rent. Conor doesnt have a job and says hes looking for one, but the girls know better because all he does is sleep and play video games. The girls explain that they came up with a solution to their rent problem. Theyre going to tickle Conor until he agrees to get a job! They tickle his whole body; his knees, armpits, legs and belly. He laughs and squirms while the girls keep tickling him relentlessly. They cover his eyes so he cant see where theyre going to tickle him. He finally agrees to pay rent but the girls leave him tied to his bed!