First Taste Of Lita

Strong Fetish presents Lita, Magenta

Lita is taking a nap and Magenta sneaks into her room to see if she can score some socks. She finds a pair in a drawer and takes a big sniff, she cannot believe they smell as good as she imagined they would. She is overcome by Lita's send and must try to smell her feet while she is sleeping which soon turns into a lick and taste which soon wakes Lita up. To Magenta's surprise, Lita is not upset but a little turned on and very curious. She has always wondered what having her feet pampered would feel like and Magenta gets the pleasure of being the first to taste Lita's gorgeous feet. Magenta of course cant wait to get Lita's sexy toes in her mouth to suck off those toe rings, right after she slowly removes those long socks. Magenta gets those sexy size 8 feet really wet and both girls are definitely more than a little turned on. Magenta gets Lita in every position she has fantasized about. Its hard to say who is turned on more.