Business Trip

DirtyDeesProd presents Ashley, Lane

Ashley and Harmony are on a business trip together. The girls walk into the room and notice there is only one bed. Harmony and Ashley scoff at how cheap their company is but decide to make it work. Ashley says she is not tired yet and is going to watch some TV. Ashley lays down on her belly with her feet up in the air as she watches some TV. Ashleys pantyhose clad feet are dangling by Harmonys face and Harmoney cannot help but to notices how sexy they look. Harmony cannot help her self she goes in for a sniff. Ashley notices and catches Harmony. Harmony apologizes but Ashley says no need as she puts her feet in Harmoneys face. Ashley admits her feet are tired and could use some love. Harmony is happy to help her out and worships Ashlys feet from nylon to bare.