I Pissed Myself

DirtyDeesProd presents Sarah, Cali

Sarah Jain has a crazy ticklish body, the lighter you tickle, the more intense it is for her. Ordinarily girls use the restroom before they get strapped down, but this time Sarah is not allowed and she swears that she will piss herself if Cali doesnt go easy on her. No way Cali is going to take it easy, Cali has been tickled so many times without mercy that she is looking forward to making someone else suffer for a change. Sarah is topless in her favorite panties, spread eagle on the bed. Cali just has to say she is going to tickle her to get her going. Cali is ruthless, tickling her with fingers, even her own hair. When Cali mounts her, Sarah can feel the pressure on her bladder, she knows she is going to piss herself if Cali doesnt get off and stop. Cali continues and Sarah can no longer take the tickling nor hold her bladder. Cali makes fun of her, pulls down her pee pee panties, and continues torturing Sarah's gorgeous body.