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DirtyDeesProd presents Jade, unknown

This video is pretty brutal, Jade is forced to endure more than she ever has and then beyond that! I have her gagged, blindfolded and topless with tiny little cotton panties. She probably thinks she will be ok in the beginning, but I am just messing with her mind. I tease her, then punish, then I get the vibrator going and tease her body with it. She has no idea how many times I am going to make her cum, I am going to make her suffer for each orgasm but giving her another, and another , then tickle her, and make absolutely break down and cry for mercy. After about 9 mins, I remove her gag and blindfold, she thinks the worst may be over, but I am only going to make it worse, the tickling and the orgams wont stop. Jade pleads with me that she is going to pee her panties, that only encourages me to continue until in fact she does piss herself. No problem, I tickle her more. I finally let her think that I am done, but I only stop to get the scissors to cut her panties away, she is so sensitive she pleads to not use the vibrator on her bare pussy. Jade screams, cries, but I do not stop. Finally once she is broken I decide to give her only one more orgasm, then I let her go, totally spent, totally broken.