Power Feather

DirtyDeesProd presents power feather, lo lo

We all have been dreaming of Lo Lo coming back and getting in the Rack, and finally it happened. I even created a new tickling device for her, the Power Feather, since of course Lo Lo is one of those feather sensitive girls. The Power Feather is a set of rotating feathers, definitely designed to drive Lo Lo insane, which trust me it does! I also have a feather duster attachment, works like a charm on her as well. Tasha pretty much destroys her and Lo Lo can take a lot. She was a little nervous about coming back, she wasn't sure if she would be able to take it, it has been a few years since anyone has tickled her gorgeous body and soles. Tasha's nails prove too much for Lo Lo but in the end we all have to wonder if Lo Lo really missed the tickling!