Double Agent Veronika

DirtyDeesProd presents Veronika, unknown

It's New Years Eve and Tickle Abuse is having its annual party on the third floor of our building. Veronika is a recent hire, I took her on to recruit in the heavily Russian neighborhood she lives in to beat a Russian rival producer to the punch. He has been trying to recruit my models and worst trying to find plans for my bondage and my new Tickling Oil, an oil that makes anyone much more sensitive to tickling. But Veronika is a spy, I thought my spy, turns out she is a double agent and is snooping through the studio to catch a glimpse of the new bondage in development and to steal the oil. She breaks in and goes right to room nobody is allowed in. The room houses the Dominator but lately contains my bondage in development, definitely not something for the prying eyes of a spy. I was aware that she may not be one to be trusted, so I am waiting for her and sure I enough I catch her. She is rendered and strapped into the Dominator, and of course she will be the test subject for the new oil. She tries to play it tough, talking in Russian like I don't know she speaks perfect English. No matter, I apply the oil and tickle her all over. She is tough to break but eventually I get all the information I need.