Michelle Rocci Combo

DirtyDeesProd presents Michelle, unknown

I recently built some new bondage to bring with me to a new studio and I really wanted to see how it would work. I had to make sure it was durable enough and of course it would perform as anticipated. I wanted to find two of the most ticklish models I know, Michelle and Samantha would do just fine! This video is a little different than the usual. For one, turns out Samantha is quite the devilish tickler, so the video includes as much footage of her as Michelle. I usually focus mainly on the lee but Samantha is far too sexy a tickler to keep her out of view! Also, the new stocks is convertible and thus why the video is a "combo." The first half is Samantha tormenting Michelle's gorgeous size 11 feet. The second half the chair converts for foot and body tickling. Samantha tickles her feet and body with no mercy, so sexy how someone so innocent looking can be so evil. Well the bondage works perfectly and Michelle is totally spent by the end.