First Date With Nikki

DirtyDeesProd presents Nikki, Tommy

Nikki is out on a first date with Tommy. They get to know each other but she isn't aware of his tickle fetish and he is dying to know if she is ticklish and where. They to his place after dinner, right away they make up. He gets her against the wall and starts to slowly explore her body to find her spots, especially her stomach, sides and back, the areas Tommy is most interested in. He then gets her to the bed, he kisses and caresses her back, but he cannot help himself and gets in some tickles. Nikki sees that Tommy is having a little too much fun at her expense and tickles him back. They continue to make out and tickle. Tommy gives Nikki some belly worship, he loves her midsection. Nikki gets very turned on but it still tickles. They make there way to the floor, both of them in underwear. They kiss and grind and Nikki notices that Tommy has an erection. She tugs on it through his boxers almost making him cum. They end up in a tickle fight and the date comes to a close. Video Sample