Office Colleagues

DirtyDeesProd presents Jade, Nikki

Jade and Nikki work together, Anthony is their boss at work. They invite him over and spike his drink, he soon and wakes up on their bed. His hands are bound behind his back, legs bound too. They just want to teach him a lesson, just some friendly fun, but the girls start poking him and discover that he is extremely sensitive. They didn't plan on tickling him, they are regular girls, but they can't seem to resist the urge to keep tickling him. They lay him on his back, Nikki tickles his neck, Jade his belly. They can't believe how girly he sounds and keep asking him how it feels to feel so vulnerable and helpless. Jade unbuttons his shirt, pulls down his pants, the girls erotically tickle him with light touches. Soon they can't resist to really test his limits and tickle him with no mercy. Video Sample