Naughty Niece

DirtyDeesProd presents Honey, nikki next

Aunt Honey worshipped her niece's feet right before her secret date with her bf. Nikki comes home, her pervey Aunt Honey is on the sofa and asks her how her date went. Nikki had a terrible time, all she could think about was feet. She thinks her Aunt awakened something in her and she is a little embarrassed that now she may a foot fetish. Good thing Aunt Honey knows the remedy! Nikki is in the mood to be naughty and can no longer resist her Aunt's feet. She takes a big sniff, she cannot believe how good they smell. She then takes a lick, she is in foot heaven! Half way through Nikki feels ashamed, she cannot believe it was her own aunt who she is worshipping. But Honey lures her back with her gorgeous soles and arches.