I Need To Lick It

DirtyDeesProd presents Jessica, unknown

Jessica is just a regular girl, she models, but she is not a fetish model or anything. I did some foot stuff with her and when she put on her bikini, both Milf Vicky and I could not believe what we were seeing, finally an outie! Jessica has always been a little self conscious about her belly button, she said she always thought hers was different from everyone else's. Milf Vicky tells her that she has been waiting to worship and outie since she started worshipping navels. Jessica feels a little better about her belly and gives in. Vicky goes right for her belly button after first playing with it with her finger and having a taste. She moves her little outie with her tongue, stretching her tummy to make it pop out more too. Jessica starts to feel a lot less self conscious and really begins to get into it. This video is longer than my usual belly videos, Vicky just didn't want to stop!