Dreaming Of Soles

DirtyDeesProd presents Nikki, Catherine

Nikki just took her new for a walk around the block and her feet hurt from trying to keep up with him. As she relaxes on the couch with her best friend Catherine watching TV she brazenly asks for a foot rub to sooth her aching soles. Catherine is a bit annoyed at being put to work during her favorite show but plays along removing Nikki's sandals as she begins to rub the balls of Nikki's feet. She can't complain too much though as she has secretly been dreaming of Nikki's perfect soles. She wants more than just a foot massage, however, and quickly tests Nikki's open mindedness with a more intimate form of foot massage courtesy of her long, wet tongue! Rather than take offense, Nikki is intrigued by just how much more relaxing her massage has gotten with Catherine's lips wrapped around her sexy toes. Sucking each one, Catherine shows Nikki that there are better things in life than a simple foot massage as Nikki moans with pleasure on the couch, gyrating to Cat's nimble tongue as it works her wrinkles from top to bottom.