True Story

DirtyDeesProd presents Nikki, unknown

True story from a corner of the globe that I, too, am intimately familiar with. Nikki's first experience with tickling was a session request from a guy who told her that her laugh sounded terrible as he proceeded to belittle and berate her like an unrepentant dick. Since then she has been self-conscious about being tickled thinking that her laugh sounds "ugly" and almost didn't come to the shoot fearing a similar experience. It took a little while to get her out of her shell and figure out where she was the most ticklish but once Cat worked her magic I think things worked out for the best but I'll let the fans decide. Would you throw this ticklish redhead cutie out with her size 8.5 feet bared before you? Be sure to comment and let us know! Nikki is anxious to hear feedback from level headed tickle enthusiasts.