DirtyDeesProd presents unknown, nikki next

Nikki has been training intensely at the gym for several months and has gotten into quite a productive rhythm. The miles of jogging really do a number on her soft feet though. Her favorite part of the routine comes right after she finishes up and prepares to cool down with her therapist who always pays very special attention to her tired toes. MJ unlaces Nikki's sneakers and pulls them off to reveal her pink socks. One by one each sock is stripped revealing Nikki's lovely soft soles. She wiggles her toes reflexively as the air hits her bare feet. MJ lifts her peds into the air and begins applying her trademark tongue technique. Immediately Nikki's wrinkly soles are soaked in the pleasurable attention of MJ's wet mouth as Nikki basks in the sensation. Her tender feet couldn't be treated to a more relaxing touch that soothes her sore muscles as she melts into the couch while MJ agile tongue continues at it's task.