A Legend Is Born

DirtyDeesProd presents Brooke, mj

Brooke has been tickled mercilessly by MJ all day and she has had enough. She pulled me aside at the end of the shoot and begged me to let her have a chance to tickle her back and I just couldn't say no. The way her eyes light up as her nails descend upon MJ's immobilized soles is priceless and MJ has no way to defend her ticklish bare feet. Try as she might, her penance is unavoidable. Even when she manages to sneak her left foot out of the toetie, Brooke quickly snatches her foot and tickles right at the base of MJ's toes which sends her right back into the throes of laughter yet again. Brooke also wanted to see how ticklish MJ was on her upper body and she isn't disappointed by MJ's cries of laughter which turns to silent cacophony towards the end. You would think MJ would learn to go easy on the models she tickles but she takes everything in stride perhaps plotting her payback when she finally stops laughing her head off.