Zoe Licks The Neighbor

DirtyDeesProd presents Zoe, Nikki Brooks

Nikki is coming over to meet Zoe's step-mother for an evening out. She arrives to find Zoe on the couch dangling her bare feet as she plays with her phone. Zoe eagerly invites her to take a seat on the couch while she waits for step-mommy to return. As they relax, Zoe mentions how pretty Nikki's feet are. Leaning in, Zoe begins to run her tongue along Nikki's bare sole, much to Nikki's surprise. Zoe shyly asks if she is doing anything wrong. Nikki simply states how nice it feels to have a pretty young girl's mouth paying such loving attention to her bare feet. As Zoe continues, Nikki continues to warm up to the wonderfully wet attention her toes are experiencing. She may even feel obligated to return the favor on a pair of tasty feet.