Roast Piggies

DirtyDeesProd presents Nikki, unknown

This is an old clip from the dusty corner of the office filmed by my step-brother with the original Nikki. I really miss working with her and wanted to make use of some of her content I never posted. This video is more of a teasing tickle clip in which Nikki has been told to stay still while her bare soles and adorable toes are slowly teased as she interacts with her 'ler while ballgagged. While Nikki doesn't go crazy in this clip it does showcase just how ridiculously ticklish she is. Even feather light touches is enough to get her giggling. So enjoy Nikki, hogtied and gagged with a candy apple, as she serves up a meal fit for a tickler. Editor's note: This video is offered at a discount because a fan was left on during filming which created some background noise that detracts from the scene. I believe this was filmed after a particularly torturous tickle scene with my step-brother and this was sort of a cooldown scene. Stay tuned and I'll see if I can find that clip as well!