Foot Famous

DirtyDeesProd presents Sasha Foxx

Sasha Foxx feet are very well known in certain circles and MJ couldn't wait to have a chance to worship them. Sasha is so sensual as she guides MJ's mouth around her feet from one erogenous zone to the next. She compliments MJ's oral dexterity as she moans when her toes are played with. Every encounter with Sasha is sure to be an erotic one. Her personality just about oozes sex appeal and her long toes ensure that MJ has plenty to nibble on whenever she takes a break from licking across Sasha's soles. After the scene be sure to listen to some behind the scenes banter as Sasha reveals her first foot encounter and her thoughts on foot fetish in general. We hope to see more of this gorgeous young starlet and her iconic soles in the near future.