Million Dollar Feet

DirtyDeesProd presents Nikki, kristen cameron

Nikki bought a lotto ticket for Kristen and it happens to be a huge winner. Both girls are ecstatic but when Nikki asks how they will share the winnings, Kristen gives her a coy smile and reminds her that technically it is her ticket, after all. Nikki quickly reminds her that she did buy the ticket after all but Kristen believes Nikki owes her something in return for sharing the profits. Nikki is about to get upset until Kristen places her long legs in Nikki's lap and asks Nikki if they could celebrate their winning with a little foot rub. Nikki knows what sexy, wrinkly soles her friend has and doesn't see any harm in placating her friend if it means getting closer to her gorgeous feet. She slips off a heel and slowly lifts Kristen's foot to eye level. Gazing upon Kristen's soles, Nikki is entranced and leans in, tongue extended, to show her friend how badly she wants to pay tribute to her toes by sucking each one in her mouth. These two aren't about to let money come between them when a pair of feet will do the trick.