Jo Hannsson Tickle Debut

DirtyDeesProd presents Cat, Haley

Jo aka Haley is a brand new 'lee Cat met at the mall as a case of mistaken identity. They got to talking and Cat asked her if she wouldn't mind coming back to her place for a little photo shoot in some of her custom furniture to which Jo replied "Sure!". She wasn't even freaked out in the slightest when she saw how restrictive Cat's furniture was. In fact the only thing that could break the smile on Jo's face was when Cat decided to try running a feather across her bare feet. "Ticklish?" Catherine asked slyly. Jo had a hard time responding between her giggles which quickly gave way to laughter as nails begin to scratch at her smooth soles. We thought we may have found Jo's most ticklish spot between her toes until she started cracking up when Cat dug into her ticklish hips and ribs. Check out this laid back, cool girl and her ticklish size 8.5s!