Southern Discomfort

DirtyDeesProd presents Scarlet, bowie

Scarlet is the step-daughter of a wealthy landowner who hires locals to tend his crops. She loves to tie up all his cute new hires for a test of fortitude that will help prove that they can handles the rigors of the labor required during the day. She thinks Bowie may prove the perfect candidate. Once he is strapped in, her nails begin to caress his bare torso. Her eyes light up as he begins to giggle in response. Her little game quickly becomes unrelenting, however, as she begins to see just how ticklish her step-daddy's newest hire is. Despite cries of protest between peals of laughter, Scarlet shows no mercy as she seeks out his most ticklish spots. Kind of makes you wonder what Scarlet's step-father might make of all this tickling trials.