No Feet No Homework

DirtyDeesProd presents Scarlet, aris

Aris has been doing all of Scarlet's homework in exchange for having Scarlet's feet all to herself for one hour each week. Lately, Aris has been more worried about professors catching on to their arrangement. Fearful of losing her scholarship, it was going to take a lot more convincing to keep Aris honoring their agreement. Scarlet thought she had Aris wrapped around her little finger. She never suspected the horny little nerd would want Scarlet to worship her bare feet too! Now the most popular girl at school has agreed to humiliating herself by licking Aris' big feet. What will everyone think if they ever find out? As this blond hottie is degraded by licking Aris' long, high arches she can't hide just a hint of pleasure as she caresses Aris' soles with her wet tongue. Could it be that "miss popularity" actually likes worshiping Aris' feet? Maybe all their late night foot sessions are starting to rub off.