If I Dont Cum

DirtyDeesProd presents Christina, unknown

Christina is new to the tickling scene so I had to explain the concept of a tickling orgasm to her. The first words out of her mouth were "so if I don't cum then you can't tickle me, right?" I certainly applaud her ingenuity and self control but if there is one thing I've learned it is that while not every girl cums on a dime, EVERY girl cums from the hitachi. At least when MJ is at the helm of one. I cut a lot of the forced orgasm content so it wouldn't get boring for the tickle crowd but Christina moans and gyrates with the vibrator between her legs as she attempts to keep her pleasure from ending. Christina is a playful girl who loves to tease her audience and leave them in suspense. Too bad for her MJ wanted to see her laugh even more than she wanted to see her cum and is sure to hit all the best spots she has found from her pits to her knees and toes as she shows Christina what tickle torment is all about. I think Christina would have been better off cumming for MJ rather than make her wait.