Learning Curves

DirtyDeesProd presents Nikki, kristen

Nikki was so overwhelmed by her first foot worship encounter with the Dean of her college that she decided to come back early in order to try it out from a different perspective. Nikki knows her scholastic career is in Dean Kristen's hands and she knows that fulfilling her craving for feet with keep her from getting kicked out of school since she has not been performing admirably this past semester. Dean Kristen is eager to have this cute young girl rubbing and kissing her feet but she failed to account for how mischievous Nikki might be once she discovered how ticklish Dean Kristen's toes are. She soon has her teacher wrapped around her little finger as her devilish tongue snakes its way between each toe leaving Kristen struggling to maintain her composure even as she attempts to enjoy Nikki's playful attention. While Nikki may not be dedicated to her studies, she remains a quick study nevertheless. Some girls are just insist on taking the fast track through life.