Joi Terra

DirtyDeesProd presents unknown, Terra

Terra is trying to enjoy the afternoon on her phone when she finds you eyeing her feet. She knows you have a thing for large feet with wrinkly soles and she is in no mood to put up with your little quirk today. Seeing that you have no intention of leaving so long as her feet are in view, Terra devises a game to keep you on the edge of your seat if you are going to be granted access to her soles. Upon removing her sandals Terra can see your bulging erection. You aren\'t allowed to touch yourself though. Not until you see her toes wiggling before you. If they stop, you stop. Seems simple enough, right? only Terra can see how close you are getting and she doesn\'t plan to let you release now just because you are ready. You buzzed her time and now she intends to watch you sweat as your hard cock throbs before her still toes. A few seconds of stroking and you are back in time out again. Will you ever be given permission to cum? Maybe once Terra has decided where you should spill your seed for her. Until then, keep waiting for the toes to twitch staring at her wrinkly size 10.5 feet.