DirtyDeesProd presents Honey, Kirsten

Honey's neighbor Kristen came over to see if she wanted to go out for the evening only to find Honey lounging around and in no mood to get off the couch after the day she has had. Even as she sits next to Honey in an attempt to get her to go out Honey has already made up her mind on how she wants to spend the evening. She asks Kristen if she remembers the last time she came over and they got a little tipsy together. Kristen recalls what a wild night it was and some of the crazy things they did together. Honey tells her that one thing stood out in particular. When she had Kristen sucking on her toes as she lay there moaning. Well, it turns out those moans of pleasure weren't fake and Honey is ready for round two as she gets comfy on the sofa, strategically placing her bare feet in Kristen's lap. As Kristen slowly begins to grasp what her friend is asking of her she finds Honey's feet advancing towards her lips awaiting their turn to be licked for Honey's pleasure. She may even throw in a bottle of wine to help loosen her friend's tongue some more.... It just goes to show that when you have the feet of a goddess you get what you want!