Ab Cooldown

DirtyDeesProd presents unknown, nikki next

Nikki hired a personal trainer to help her tone her abs for the swimsuit season. Things have been going well the first month and Nikki is really looking trim and fit. Her trainer compliments her on a job well done and suggests a cool down exercise that will be great for her pores while relaxing her tense abs at the same time. Nikki agrees but is quite surprised to learn that her trainer's idea for a cool down involves licking her belly button! It seems very strange despite the warm, soothing sensations it seems to be producing within Nikki. She giggles a bit when her trainer's long tongue tickles her tender navel but tries to relax and enjoy this strangely effective technique. The wetter Nikki's button gets the looser her sore muscles seem to be. Could this be more than a coincidence?