Class Participation

DirtyDeesProd presents Terra, Kirsten

Terra's gym teacher Kristen is sick and tired of her not participating in class. She clearly has PE confused with recess and Kristen is determined to lay out the rules for her. She escorts Terra to a backroom behind her office and asks Terra to have a sit in a rather odd looking lounger. Terra isn't quite sure what to make of all this and by the time she is tied down she really starts to feel uncomfortable. Ms. Kristen then proceeds to kicks off Terra's sneakers and begins to stroke her fingers along Terra's socked soles. Never having jogged laps to form any type of calluses, Terra's feet are still as soft and sensitive as the day she was born so it doesn't take much to get her laughing up a storm with any touch that remotely resembles a tickle. Terra begs with her teacher to let her go but Kristen tells her she is just getting the workout she deserves if she won't take a more active role in class. Terra can't believe her ears and threatens to expose her teacher's lecherous behavior. Kristen laughs at Terra as she pulls the young girl's socks off and begins to tease her bare feet.... with her tongue! Terra isn't able to scream for help as she is too busy laughing at Ms. Kristen's tickly tongue darting across her soles. Eventually Terra discovers that even feathers are too ticklish for her when they are slid between her toes. It's hard to say whether or not she will be more inclined to remain active in class from now on because it looks like Ms. Kristen may just plan on keeping her here for more quality tickle time with her new favorite pet!