Quiet In The Library

DirtyDeesProd presents Nikki, kristen

Nikki has had it with the school librarian. She is constantly telling her to be quiet when Nikki is sitting in study hall talking to her friends and has no respect for her need to socialize. When she finds her one day in a sticky situation, Nikki recognizes that now is the time to make her pay for being such a strict disciplinarian. Nikki also knows how sweet her revenge will be if she makes the librarian unable to keep herself quiet while Nikki plays with her bare armpits. Does this demanding teacher happen to be holding in a sensitive side? All the better for Nikki to tickle her until she is screaming with ticklish agony. Maybe that will teach her to cut Nikki some slack during study hall. If not, she can always start playing with her teacher's toes.