Home Alone

DirtyDeesProd presents Scarlet, Hope Harper

Hope is restrained in her house awaiting her boyfriend's return so they can enjoy some kinky sex together when suddenly Scarlet shows up to find her step-sister naked and at her mercy. Intrigued by her little step-sister's predicament, Scarlet sits down next to Hope and notices some lube and a vibrator on the floor beneath her exposed pussy. Hope assures Scarlet that this is just a back massager but Scarlet insists they see what kind of fun they can have with it. As Scarlet drizzles lube over her step-sister's clit and presses the vibrator firmly against her crotch, Hope struggles to maintain composure knowing that even with her step-sister present she could never suppress her arousal as her moaning reaches a crescendo and her pussy begins to glisten with her flowing juices. Each time Hope cums, Scarlet grins knowing what a slut her step-sister is that she can't even control herself around her older step-sister. She loves to watch Hope's entire body quiver after each orgasm.