Early Release

DirtyDeesProd presents Scarlet, nikki next

Scarlet has been in detention for the entire night. Even though she is scheduled for release in the morning, she knows that Officer Nikki has no intention of getting her paperwork out the way now that her shift is nearly over. She is content to prop her feet up and keep an eye on her prisoner until she is off the clock. Desperate to get home, Scarlet decides to use what little resources she has available to her in order to convince Officer Nikki to fill out her paperwork. She knows how sore Nikki's feet must be after a long day's work to have taken her boots off before going home and decides to treat her feet to a rather intimate massage to see if it doesn't sway her position on getting Scarlet out of here. At first the distracted policewoman pays her little mind, continuing to text her friends but once Scarlet's tongue begins to work its magic on her aching soles Officer Nikki perks up and really begins to appreciate the TLC her feet are receiving. You can see her cold exterior melt away as she basks in the heavenly pleasure of Scarlet's wet tongue massaging the pads of her cute toes as they wiggle with delight. If all that effort isn't worth an early release, we don't know what is!