Officer Nikki Debooted

DirtyDeesProd presents Scarlet, nikki next

Officer Nikki recently arrested Scarlet for being Tipsy and disorderly. The charges didn't stick because Scarlet's step-father is a wealthy aristocrat and now the tables have been turned on Officer Nikki. Scarlet welcomes the chance to get under Officer Nikki's skin and she thinks she knows just how to do it. Her step-father once told her that the commissioner has a bit of a thing for hiring sexy female officers how happen to have amazingly ticklish feet. Removing a boot to test the theory, Scarlet is immediately rewarded to a particularly ticklish pair of feet, even in socks! Her nails then get to work exploring all of Officer Nikki's wrinkles once her feet have been completely bared as Officer Nikki struggles valiantly to maintain her composure. Failing miserably, she is simply reduced to a giggling little girl with her toes bound, helpless to escape. It is awfully hard to uphold the law when you can't even withhold your laughter in front of a devious little minx like Scarlet!