Learn To Love Feet

DirtyDeesProd presents celeste, mj

MJ is learning to worship feet and Celeste offered to be her first test subject. MJ's first thought is how cute Celeste's toes are before she starts to lick them gently. Her friend can't believe how passionate MJ is about caring for her feet. Each lick starts long and runs along the length of Celeste's foot before nuzzling into a set of wrinkles or around the ball of her foot. The wetter her feet get, the more Celeste begins to glance longingly at MJ's advances, cooing softly whenever she hits a tender spot. Together they share an afternoon of foot worship. You can see in MJ's eyes how much fun she is having. Not to shabby for her very first time either! I personally hope to see these two together again before too long to see how MJ grows as a worshiper.