The Bride Wears Laughter

DirtyDeesProd presents Scarlet, Nikki

Nikki has been had at work planning out Scarlet's wedding day despite the fact that Scarlet is constantly bombarding her with new things to attend to. Today she finally gets a moment alone with Scarlet in order to discuss her gown and shoes. Knowing that Scarlet's future husband has a foot fetish, Nikki plans to make sure that Scarlet's feet are looking spectacular for the wedding while at the same time getting a little payback for all the hell Scarlet has put her through in planning the wedding. Nikki warns Scarlet that while her technique is 100% effective, it does leave some girls feeling a bit ticklish. Eager to have the perfect day, Scarlet agrees to anything that will leave her looking spectacular. She may soon be regretting her decision once Nikki's brush makes contact with her bare feet because Scarlet may be the most ticklish client Nikki has ever worked with before! Laughing all the while, Nikki scolds Scarlet for being so difficult to work with and makes her sit back and take everything she is dishing out in order to have gorgeous looking feet for her wedding night. Nikki even sneaks in a little of her technique on Scarlet's knees and armpits before running off to fetch a glass of water for the bewildered bride.