Pits Of Despair

DirtyDeesProd presents Lexi, raquel roper

This video is a custom. Raquel is in for a horrendous tickling experience. She just finished cruelly subjecting Lexi's topless torso to her teasing torment forgetting how ticklish her own armpits happen to be. Now Lexi is given an opportunity to get revenge on Raquel and she intends to show no mercy. Quietly analyzing Raquel's body for weak points, Lexi sets to work to prove herself the better tickler. Raquel screams into her gag while Lexi digs into her tender flesh. No matter how hard she tries, Raquel's arms remain exposed to every advance of Lexi's fingers and feather. She even finds a good spot on her hips that drives Raquel wild with laughter. Lexi silently goes about her work before finding a particularly sensitive spot on Raquel's underarms that drives her wild. By the end Raquel is on the verge of tears and exhausted. It just goes to show, it is the quiet ones you should look out for.