Barefoot Interrogations

DirtyDeesProd presents Scarlet, Nikki

Officer Nikki arrested Scarlet under suspicion of solicitation. She has her in lockup awaiting a confession but so far Scarlet has refused to crack. Officer Nikki knows just what to do with harlots when it comes to loosening lips so she takes Scarlet into a special interrogation room bound and barefoot in order to see if she can get the information she needs. At first Scarlet seems determined but as soon as she feels Officer Nikki's little fingers roaming around in her armpits her resolve begins to melt into ticklish laughter. Digging into Scarlet's ribs and hips keeps her captive struggling helplessly but still fails to reveal her superiors. Therefore, Officer Nikki strolls down to Scarlet's captive soles and begins by running a single fingernail across her soles. Scarlet's laughter reaches a fever pitch long before Officer Nikki breaks out the brush on her tender bare feet. Will Scarlet's feet prove to ticklish to keep her employer a secret from Officer Nikki's skilled hands?