Brooke Thomsen Soles Up

DirtyDeesProd presents brooke thomsen, mj

Brookes Thomsen's gorgeous feet are the subject of today's lesson in tickling brought to you by MJ. Sometimes a girl's reaction to tickling starts off at the squealing stage and moves onward from there. Brooke's feet are squirming furiously as soon as MJ's nails begin to approach her porcelain peds. Every touch is an electric shock to Brooke that forces peals of high pitched squeaks and shrill laughter from her. Her situation does not improve with the variety of tickle toys MJ forces between her toes as they splay and scrunch furiously attempting to keep MJ out of the tender valleys hidden within. Eventually MJ wants to tickle Brooke's knees and pits too so she leaves Brooke's oily feet alone for a bit while tending to the rest of her vulnerable frame. By the end Brooke is begging for relief from the wicked MJ. All in a days work, we say.