Know Your Place

DirtyDeesProd presents brooke thomsen, mj

Brooke recently had a chance to tickle MJ and she did not let up. Now MJ plans to show her why you don't mess with a true tickler. Now that Brooke is blindfolded, gagged and immobilized, MJ takes her time tickling her from head to toes. With each new squeal Brooke emits, a smile flashes across MJ's face as she makes Brooke anticipate where each strike will land next. Will it be her bare feet or her hips? Maybe her underarms deserve some of MJ's revenge next. She isn't telling and Brooke will just have to sweat it out and wait to find out. Fortunately she may be to busy laughing to notice the time passing as MJ puts Brooke in her place we before she oils her feet up for the next stage in her merciless plan.