Brooke Thomsen Racked

DirtyDeesProd presents brooke thomsen, mj

Brooke Thomsen is interviewed by MJ about her thoughts on tickling and past tickle experiences before being tied down on the rack in her skimpy top and jean shorts. Whimpering and apprehensive, Brooke begs MJ with her eyes to go easy on her before she realizes that MJ has too much fun tickling to be nice! As her top rises to reveal Brooke's supple breasts, MJ removes her shirt once she sees how stiff Brooke's nipples are getting from her gentle ministrations. Despite her giggles and cries to the contrary, I think deep down some part of Brooke likes being tormented this way just like her cousin used to do to her when she was young! At least until MJ discovers how ticklish her bare feet are when they can't escape her long, sharp nails. Brooke's oily feet are denied further relief when they are exposed to the brush and comb combination. MJ also decides to sneak a peak at Brooke's smooth pussy when she goes back to tickling her upper body again. I think she may have been getting a little wet from all the attention on her poor, ticklish body!