Upper Hand Under Foot

DirtyDeesProd presents unknown, nikki next

Nikki's older step-sister, MJ, is always bossing her around and deciding what they do together. All Nikki wants is to go to the movies with her step-sister this afternoon and, as usual, MJ rains on her parade. This time Nikki has a trick up her sleeve to help ensure MJ's cooperation. Her little feather trinket holds the power to entrance all those its wielder touches. In order to test the mystical properties of the feather, all Nikki has to do is run the feather across MJ's exposed skin. Once Nikki's big step-sis lies dormant before her, all she has to do is suggest something she knows her step-sister would never agree to do and she will know she has complete control of her bossy older sibling. Perhaps she should have her step-sister kiss her feet! By the time Nikki has her step-sister taking off her sandals her heart skips a beat knowing that she will never lose another argument again! Once her step-sister starts sucking on her toes however, Nikki realizes that she could really get used to this kind of attention as her older step-sister has a really talented tongue that feels amazing running across her soles. A girl could get used to this kind of pampering and it's not like her step-sister is in any condition to object. Soon she is smothering MJ with the soles of her tiny feet as she smiles blissfully feeling her step-sister's tongue massaging each wrinkle while she waits for the trance to wear off.