Vika Demanding

DirtyDeesProd presents unknown, Vika

Vika has herself a new slave who absolutely adores her bare feet. She walks her pet into the dungeon on hands and knees, bound and ballgagged so she can taunt her submissive girl with the long latex boots has on while she gets more comfortable. Knees before her Mistress' long legs gets her slave all worked up. She can hardly wait for Mistress Vika to instruct her to remove each boot, revealing the sexy fishnets she is wearing underneath. Vika taunts her gagged slave knowing all to well how impossible it is for her tongue to grace her soles. Perhaps she will be merciful and remove the obstruction so her feet can be pleasured. Until then she enjoys watching her sub sweat with anticipation. By the time she first allows her pet a lick, she watches as this bound plaything ravenously feasts on her long toes and high arches. Her large size 12.5 feet dominate her little slaves head as she smothers the girl with her soles. Still not fully satisfied with her slave's performance, Vika decides to have a little more fun at the expense of her ticklish sub. Vika's long toes worm their way into her underarms and across her tender tummy as Mistress Vika soaks in the laughter bursting forth. What an obedient little slave to have before her nimble goddess feet.