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DirtyDeesProd presents brooke thomsen, mj

MJ is upset with Brooke for tickling her in their sorority house in front of all the pledges. She was so embarrassed by the ordeal that she vowed to find a way to get Brooke back for the humiliation she caused. As it turns out her opportunity came one morning when she heard Brooke calling out for her boyfriend from her room. Sneaking in she found Brooke bedspread, nude and blindfolded. Apparently she had something kinky in mind because she left a feather duster on the floor of her room. MJ silently creeps in, picks up the duster and proceeds to gently run it across Brookes naked body. Her nipples stiffen as she giggles slightly at the feathers touch. MJ even runs it across her freshly shaved pussy eliciting further laughter from Brooke. It seems this sorority step-sister is also susceptible to tickling. Knowing this, MJ reveals herself by pulling Brooke's blindfold off. In shock at this unwelcome intruder in her private affair, Brooke tries to reason with MJ only to find herself subjected to a much more ticklish assault at the vengeful hands of MJ. Digging into her pits and ribs, MJ soon has Brooke begging for mercy that won't be arriving anytime soon. Her knees, inner thighs, and hips must also pay the tickle toll for the injustice MJ suffered at Brooke's hands the week before. Her feet are also in no position to defend against MJ's fingers or even Brooke's hairbrush. As Brooke's cries of laughter can be heard throughout the sorority house, MJ is sure to let every one of the pledges know that no one tickles MJ and gets away with it. No one.