Scholarship Revocation

DirtyDeesProd presents Nikki, Dean

Nikki hasn't been paying close attention to her studies for the past semester and her professors have started to voice complaints with the Dean that she has been rebellious in class when she even bothers to show up. Once Dean Kristen threatens to pull Nikki's scholarship her demeanor changes and she begins to consider her future if she can't afford to remain in school. She spies a way to solve her dilemma once she sees how much attention the Dean is paying to her legs and feet. At first it is simply a hand placed on her extended calf. Dean Kristen next slides her palm down to the top of Nikki's foot. Puzzled, Nikki eyes Dean Kristen as she places Nikki's feet in her lap and proceeds to slip off her shoes. With her feet bare, Nikki realizes that there may be a few strings left to pull in order to convince the Dean that her scholarship should remain in place while she enjoys the freedom she has been lately regarding her work ethic. Kristen tells Nikki what lovely feet she has and begins to offer her a foot massage without asking Nikki for permission. Nikki takes her advances in stride, telling Dean Kristen that she is enjoying her firm hands rubbing the soles of her feet. Her cool demeanor persists even as Kristen begins to lick her tiny toes and nibble at her heels despite letting a giggle escape her lips. She may not be living up to her academic potential, but Nikki knows there is more than one way to stay in the game in this world.