Proper Adjustment

DirtyDeesProd presents Nikki, Scarlett

Nikki fell resting in her custom chiropractic device after a long day out with her family. Her older step-sister finds her there dreaming. Nikki slowly awakens thinking that her step-sister is actually her chiropractor there for house call only to find out that Scarlet has more devious plans for her immobilized state. Big step-sis Scarlet starts to tease and tickle Nikki knowing that she can't get out of the chair without assistance. Starting at her bare right foot, Scarlet tickles Nikki as her little step-sister slowly begins to realize that her chiropractor is nowhere to be found. Begging Scarlet to let her go, Nikki realizes that her step-sister is having too much fun tormenting her to ever stop tickling her helpless body. It's all just payback for her little step-sister behaving like such a brat over the years.