Always The Brides Maid

DirtyDeesProd presents Michelle, unknown

Michelle is getting married soon and she is checking out wedding dresses with her bride's maid. The two compare possible options as Michelle's feet dangle off the sofa. She knows her best friend has had a thing for her feet since college and loves to have them played with. Michelle knows the bait has been taken when she feels a finger caressing the side of her foot. Soon the question of raised of having one last foot worship session before Michelle ties the knot. She eagerly accepts, jokingly mentioning how she wishes her fiance would show her feet some attention once in a while. Blissfully lost in Michelle's smooth soles, her friend tries to ignore the comment. For years she has pined for Michelle's delicate, ticklish feet. It breaks her heart to know that these special, intimate moments they have shared as she caresses Michelle's bare feet will be coming to an end. The ache of unrequited love for Michelle's long toes will be agonizing. Better to cherish the present and show Michelle what she will be missing out on before they continue searching for the dress she will walk away in.