Racking Azalea

DirtyDeesProd presents aris, azalea

Azalea is strapped in to see if she can endure all the tickling Aris can dish out. Azalea's laughter quickly fills the room as Aris discovers how little it takes to send her screaming for mercy. Her hips in particular cause quite the reaction as Azalea struggles to get out well before her time with Aris is at an end. Of course, Aris couldn't neglect her favorite part to tickle and Azalea's feet are practically calling out to her. As soon as her nails descend on Azalea's ticklish soles a smile lights up on her face. She can't wait to see her reaction to the brush if this tickles her this badly. Of course, her underarms are begging for some attention too. Luckily, Aris has all the time in the world since no amount of struggling will get Azalea out of this rack.