Met By The Shore

DirtyDeesProd presents KENDRA, mj

MJ first met Kendra down by the beach. Kendra didn't notice it at the time, but MJ couldn't pull her eyes away from Kendra's bare feet, toes wiggling in the sand. The girls got to talking and Kendra told MJ about this foot lotion she uses so that her feet always smell (and taste!) like vanilla. Licking her lips, MJ talked Kendra into coming back to her place so they could chat more about Kendra's little size 6.5 soles. Pulling off Kendra's socks, MJ dives in to kiss Kendra's toes. Intrigued by this lurid behavior, Kendra wants to see where this road will take them as she enjoys the sensation of MJ's lips wrapped around her tiny piggies. Wrinkling her soles, Kendra sighs with pleasure as MJ works her arches with her long tongue, teasing every tender crevice until they are soaked in the warmth of her mouth. After all, a girl as sensual as Kendra deserves all the pleasures of a personal foot bath!