Classroom Antics

DirtyDeesProd presents loosey lu, mj

Ms. Lu has noticed that MJ hasn't been performing as expected in class and suggested a teacher student conference to help them get to the bottom of things. MJ is a quiet girl and never causes any disturbance but Ms. Lu sees that MJ has trouble staying focused in class. She did some digging to see if had a new boyfriend or trouble at home and turned up a surprising development. She asks her student if she has anything to say regarding her performance only to be met with silence. Ms. Lu tries coaxing more information from MJ. As she does so her leg rubs against MJ's calf. Ms. Lu watches as MJ's eyes are immediately cast downwards as if by her designer heel. She tells MJ that she was browsing her social media profile and was shocked to find a picture of her feet displayed in one of MJ's posts. MJ chuckles and looks away from her teacher as if embarrassed. Ms. Lu now props her foot in her student's lap and asks MJ why on earth she would be inclined to post a picture of her feet online? She asks MJ if her shoes are the source of her distraction and tells MJ to remove her heel to have a better look. MJ obeys in shocked silence as she stares at her teacher's wiggling toes as she removes her shoe. Ms. Lu stares intently at her student, watching her eyes wander wherever her foot travels in her lap. It seems she has discovered the problem and asks MJ if might benefit from a little personal attention after class from now on to help vent her pedal fixation. MJ's response may be more than Ms. Lu bargained for!