The Tickle Tutor

DirtyDeesProd presents Nikki, kristen

Kristen has been tutoring Nikki's step-daughter in her studies and although the results speak for themselves, Nikki is a little bit curious about Kristen's methods. She tells Kristen that her step-daughter gets home describing her technique as "a barrel of laughs". Her step-daughter initially thought Kristen was a terrible tutor but now she can't wait to take part in her "best foot forward" program. Nikki loves that her step-daughter is doing well in school but wants to make sure nothing untoward is taking place. Kristen is happy to show her how her program works and asks her to have a seat. By the time Nikki is strapped in she realizes that Kristen has taken an awful lot of interest in her feet which are helplessly exposed. She giggles and asks Kristen to stay away from her ticklish feet. Unfortunately for Nikki, the best foot forward program depends on ticklish feet to get the results Kristen strives for. As Nikki squeals with uncontrollable laughter, Kristen realizes that Nikki's step-daughter is such a great candidate because it runs in the genes.